About Darlie Global

To spread the hygiene and healthcare facilities to every door, we, Darlie Global, a sister concern of Allianz International Holdings Ltd., has been working for several decades. There are thousands of brands available; however, they may not be affordable to everyone. To begin with, we invest largely on research and development to produce better quality products in affordable price.

Our Story

Our products are the result of long term research on both product development and market analysis ends. We source all our ingredients from every possible corner of the world. Our products get final approval after attaining the “BEST QUALITY” certificate by testing ingredients, shelf life and packaging materials. We are not alone in this operation; rather we are blessed with numerous scientists from different countries, 6 Manufacturing organizations and around 20 affiliated stakeholders who take part in our every initiative to ensure success in every aspect of the brand.

Celozia Natural Products

Divine Care Natural Products